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Local Tournaments / Re: June 15th Tourney Abbotsford
« Last post by Boze on June 16, 2019, 03:06:15 PM »
Sorry couldn’t make it man. Family day. Like seeing you drive it though!
Local Tournaments / Re: June 15th Tourney Abbotsford
« Last post by keggiemckill on June 15, 2019, 06:43:26 AM »
You have a couple hours to get out here. The prize table is amazing. Better than Spike at this point.
Local Tournaments / Re: June 15th Tourney Abbotsford
« Last post by Boze on June 12, 2019, 01:41:25 PM »
I really love what you are trying to do here and wish i could make it the whole day. I may pop by with a friend to check it out but i am afraid i can't commit the whole day at this rate :(

But i hope people come last minute! Really would love the scene grow!
Local Tournaments / Re: June 15th Tourney Abbotsford
« Last post by keggiemckill on June 12, 2019, 06:28:36 AM »
Hey guys, is anyone on the fence about this Tourney? It would be nice to see some support from the guys. We all love Blood Bowl. There is a fantastic prize give away, a bunch of teams and Big guy figs. We have 3 signed up so far and the tourney is this weekend. Could use some more guys. The support for BB in this area is weak as fuck.
Trading / Have: A large amount of board games ALL nice price.
« Last post by mr. gordon on June 03, 2019, 08:23:19 PM »
Hey guys,

I have a buddy who does basically storage wars, and got a locker with a ton of games. I asked for dibbs to post here. The games are all in very good condition. I can get pics upon request. Pm me here or message me 6048394060

Last will $40
Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the cursed island $65
Talisman 4th ed $50
Galaxy Trucker $40
Battle Lore $50
Merchants & Marauders $40
Battlestar Galactica $40
Alien Frontiers $60
Shogun $50
[redacted] $30
Glenmore $20
Friedrich $40
Quantum $40
Ad Astra $100
Shadow Hunters $30
Room 25 $30
Wreckage $20
Zombies core set $20
Incan Gold $20
Chez Geek $20
Gears of war $100
Condottiere $20
Red November $20
Upwards $20
Pathfinder core boxset $50
And then we held hands $30
Descent: Journeys in the dark 1st edition and Descent: Tomb of the ice Expansion $150
Devastation of Indines and War of Indines $100
OGRE Designers edition: The classic game of future warfare $150
The Spike / Re: SPIKE 2019 Discussion - Team Building
« Last post by Rimmer on May 28, 2019, 08:19:38 AM »
After a lot of brain storming and theory crafting, I decided to go for the grindy Human team vs. the finesse human team.  Let's see how it goes!

Blitzer with Mighty Blow
Blitzer with Frenzy
Blitzer with Tackle
Blitzer with Gaurd
Catcher with Block
2 linemen with wrestle
1 lineman with dirty player
1 linemen
1 ogre
Karla Von Kill
3 Rerolls

The tipping point was that this build gets 3 rerolls while a high catcher build only has 2 (Karla was a must take).  This team also has 8 players with block or wrestle, so its pretty safe.  The Ogre will be a last move type of guy

Still not sure if taking mighty Blow on the one blitzer is worth it.  I could remove it and take an accurate thrower and a 1 point skill on the ogre (piling On, stand firm, or break tackle).

I also tried the block ogre build but it sucks up a lot of skill points and I prefer to distribute them all around.  It would look like this:

Ogre with block (4 pts)
Catcher with block (3 pts)
Blitzer with Guard (2)
Blitzer with tackle (1)
2 linemen with wrestle (3 pts)

Not too bad, it may be worth it.  I would have 9 players with block/wrestle this way but I loose a Mighty blow blitzer, a frenzy blitzer, and a dirty player.
Local Tournaments / Re: June 15th Tourney Abbotsford
« Last post by keggiemckill on May 19, 2019, 09:06:20 AM »
Table Warriors GT

Date: June 15th, 2019 – Registration will begin at 10:00am with games starting at 10:30am.

Location: Quality Hotel & Conference Center
36035 North Parallel Road
Abbotsford BC V3G 2C6

Contact Info: Go to
or email us at or

35$ Registration: Until June 15th, 2019

5$ NAF Membership (optional at event– you will get official NAF block dice and your results will be entered into the NAF rankings)

Register at

10am- 10:30 Registration
10:45-1:00 Round 1
1:00-1:45 Lunch/Paint Judging
1:45-4:00 Round 2
4:15-:630 Round 3
6:45-7:00 Awards Ceremony

What to Bring:
1) Your painted Blood Bowl team-- Feel free to bring any team from any designer. The team must have its players numbered clearly. The models you use MUST represent the position being played. (Email if confused)
2) 3 copies of your team roster-- one for your opponents, one for use during games and one for the official.
3) Your Blood Bowl Blocking Dice, templates, assorted bits, board, dugouts, etc.

Tournament Format:
Tournament will be a Swiss style, resurrection tournament. So any injuries your team suffers will not carry over to the next game. Each round will see a coach play against a random opponent. In each subsequent round, the highest ranked player plays the next highest ranked player they have not previously played. The roster you start the tournament with will be the same for each round you play.

We will be using BB2016 rules pack in combination with the NAF guidelines for tournaments found here:

There will be no overtime.

In the spirit of good sportsmanship, Illegal Procedures will not be called -- please simply bring the issue to your opponent's attention and ask that he/she move their marker.

Weather Table: The weather table will not be used and the weather is always Nice - Perfect Blood Bowl Weather. Instead, a custom Kick-off table will be introduced that will add enough randomness to the match.

The Kickoff Table in the BB2016 will not be used, we will be using the RMR custom kickoff table.

Team Creation:
Starting team value will be 1.0 million gold pieces. This gold may be used to purchase players (minimum 11 players) and other team benefits (rerolls, apos, etc.) as well as individual skills and upgrades.
Normal skill 20,000
Double skill 30,000
+1 move or armor boost 30,000
No AG or ST upgrades
Halfling, Goblin and Ogre teams can take double skills for the normal skill price of 20,000

All 26 NAF approved races will be allowed, which includes Slann, Khorne and Brettonians.

Maximum of 3 duplicate skills (e.g a dwarf team can only have three players with guard)

Maximum of 50,000 in upgrades per player.

Inducements may be purchased by all teams.

The two hour and 10 minute rounds will be enforced. You will receive ‘Time Remaining’ updates from the Tournament Organizer to help you stay on pace.

The 4 Minute turn rule will not be used unless the Tournament organizer feels your game is in danger of not completing in the time limit. He may insist on a timer being used and enforcing the 4 minute turn rule.

Tournament points may be gained in several ways from your matches.

Points from Game Play
Points from game play are as follows:

Game Result Tournament Points
Win 60
Tie 30
Loss 10

During the tournament, additional points may be earned. They are as follows:

Lost by 1 Touchdown = +2 pts
Caused 2 more CAS from Blocking than Opp. = +2 pts
Caused 3 or more CAS from Blocking than Opp. = +5 pts
Cleared the Pitch (1 per Match) = +5 pts
Won by 2 Touchdowns = +2 pts
Won by 3 or more Touchdowns = +5 pts
Get a One-Turn Score (1 per Match) = +5 pts

* For the sake of bonuses, only CAS sustained using blocking dice will count, Blocking into the stands or fouling does not count.

Each coach will select their “favorite” opponent they played against following the tournament to determine overall best sportsman
The Spike / Re: SPIKE 2019 Discussion - Team Building
« Last post by Lord Chaos on May 16, 2019, 08:44:35 AM »
Still on the fence. I always wanted to try the 6 gutter runner skaven team.
The Spike / Re: SPIKE 2019 Discussion - Team Building
« Last post by Rimmer on May 16, 2019, 08:40:39 AM »
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