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Just digging into setting this up through mercuryvps. They use version 0.97. I noticed two things right away that are driving me crazy so far.
1) I can't put in any custom messages on the left-hand side unless I use MySQL directly. There's no button or anything for new message or rules creation.
2) The league defaults to 1.1mil for team creation instead of 1mil. No idea where to find the thing to change that.
It's fairly convoluted out-of-the-box concerning the whole league creation process. Example: I have a league. Do I need a division now? A conference? No idea!
So far I'm fairly confused on just the more finnicky portions of the platform. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

side note: Should I upgrade to 1.0? Is it going to hose the small amount of stuff I've done if so? I got the download but there doesn't seem to be very solid documentation on doing the upgrade or if there is I can't find it.

Warpstone is the man to answer these questions.
Possibly Rimmer and Wedge can help too...

Lord Chaos:
I think Kav is the only one who could help you out on this one. PM him on here. His handle is Warpstone.

The PM doesn't seem to be working. Says the CAPTCHA site is shutdown.  :confused:

Lord Chaos:
I PM'd you


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