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What are you Playing?


I am going with Orcs

Team name: S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

Feel free to update the Spike website.

What is everyone else taking?  I do like that star players for all teams are allowed.  I am sure we will get lots of interesting team builds.

Good luck all!

Currently I am stuck between Lizardmen and Underworld.

mr. gordon:

Rogue  Dog Villians

Also Goblins. The K&P East-Westers. No Stars and some probably sub-par skill choices, so I'm probably looking at runner-up for the Glass Joe trophy.

Dark Elves...  2 assassins, 2 witch elves, 1 runner,4 blitzers, 3 lineman and 2 r/r.

Undefeated after 4 games...  ok, 2 w 2 t  :D


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