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Gents -

I am trying to upgrade my OBBLM for the Everett Blood Bowl League to the newest version.  (  I have an older version 0.91 and when I go to to upgrade, I see that 0.91 is the latest version I can go to.  However, I have read that it goes up to 0.98 or around there. 

How do I upgrade?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Jason, that page won't pull the new files for you automatically. It only upgrades your database.

You first need to download from here and install those files over your current installation. Then you can go back to the upgrade page and see the newer options. This will then convert your DB to the latest version.

- first thing: backup your current files
- then backup your current DB
- pray to a chaos (optional)

OBBLM is finicky when it comes to resources for the upgrade and can often timeout depending on the server environment you have. Basically, it is really good at bricking itself. At that point all you can do is revert to your previous installation and then bug your admin for juice. Let me know how it goes.

Whats a good way to backup my files?

Use FTP to download all the files.

For the DB, I'm assuming your host offers something like Phpmyadmin. You can log into your DB from there and download your entire OLBBM database there.

Warpstone -

I have backed everything up.  Where I am at now, is that I replaced the old OBBLM files with the new version ones.  When I try to run the I just get a white blank screen.  Same thing when I run the /upgrade.php. 

If I just type in I get a message saying that I need to delete install.php before running.  When I delete install.php, I get the same white page. 

Anything you can think of to remedy this?  If I set up a web-ex appointment for screen sharing, could you take a look?



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