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Who Printed the old TB Boards?


Where did you guys get your old boards printed (the 2-peice fields that were of clear plastic). 

I have some files that I would like to get hard boards made of. 

gollumullog (Phlegraean Marauders):
I think just a normal printer and then glued to plexiglass.

We went to a company called Arcprint. I don't even know if they exist anymore, but yeah you could probably get the work done at Staples if your file is high res enough. I doubt Staples could lay on the heavy laminate or even know where to outsource it (I think Arcprint outsourced the laminating). I am sure you have a good number of reliable printing houses near you; I would definitely look for something local because the price of shipping would be horrible for such a heavy and odd-shaped package.


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