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gollumullog (Phlegraean Marauders):
So as some of you know I have written a scheduler to be able to schedule our 10 game seasons.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make the scheduling better, please let me know.

Specifically things you'd like to see in the schedule, format, options. etc.

Output currently looks like this:

--- Quote ---Game 4
Ravers Rebooted (Norse) : dva13 vs Taco Bull (ChaosDwarf) : Edwad
The Dark Knights Regen! (Vampire) : Warpstone vs Old Kingdom Pharaohs (Khemri) : Gimli
Slaanesh Scions (Chaos) : Darkangeldave vs Null Zone all Blanks (ChaosPact) : Endycarus
Positive Thinking (ChaosPact) : VampireLogan vs Puggy's Revenge (Halfling) : Majyk
Backdoor Blitzers (Human) : Lord Chaos vs Star Player Killerz (Goblin) : Mr. Bloodwiser
Mighty High (HighElf) : Wedge22 vs Demon Legion (Chaos) : Sallacious
Swiftsure Royals (HighElf) : Blammaham vs Villainous Kaba (Goblin) : Ocrumsprug
Dm Electric (Human) : Dylanator vs Odelay (Amazon) : NitNit
Powers of Pain (ChaosPact) : Badcuz vs No Expectations (Halfling) : Bear

--- End quote ---

With some verification:

--- Quote ---ThunderSchedule version 0.1
Schedule for 10 games, 18 teams.
  Count teams
Apocalypto: 10 total games: B/F5/5
Freaks and Weirdos: 10 total games: B/F7/3
Bad News Beards: 10 total games: B/F6/4
Waauugghh Mash'een : 10 total games: B/F7/3
Verde Slackers: 10 total games: B/F7/3
Freezing Reign: 10 total games: B/F6/4
Serpentine Glory: 10 total games: B/F7/3
F'N Givers: 10 total games: B/F6/4
Wholly Highsteppers: 10 total games: B/F7/3
Angmar Express: 10 total games: B/F6/4
40 Grinders: 10 total games: B/F7/3
Popcorn Fools : 10 total games: B/F8/2
Hashut's Hellfires: 10 total games: B/F7/3
Pax Britannia: 10 total games: B/F7/3
Eataine Excelsiors: 10 total games: B/F6/4
Leaps of Faith: 10 total games: B/F7/3
Full Death Metal Jacket: 10 total games: B/F7/3
Storm Crows: 10 total games: B/F7/3

--- End quote ---

Planned features:

* Full User Interface
* Historical data
* Multiple Leagues
* Randomization of schedules
* Optimization of Schedules (weighted bash/finesse, possibly weighted teams, generate an optimized schedule based on requirements)
* different markdown formats, HTML, etc

Possible features:
* customized team schedules:  Just output a given teams season for ease of viewing.

gollumullog (Phlegraean Marauders):
Scheduler v0.3 is working now.

I can right click save directly from the OBBLM interface for a given tournament, and then pass that file to the scheduler and it will generate the appropriate schedule.

v0.4 will be pulling directly from the website.

Sounds great, thanks for all your hard work on this Jason


--- Quote from: wedge22 on July 13, 2015, 11:47:42 AM ---Sounds great, thanks for all your hard work on this Jason

--- End quote ---

+1  Thanks Jay! S.

gollumullog (Phlegraean Marauders):
I may have been a little eager, as the interface doesn't add teams to a tournament until their games are added.

This might be solved by retiring other teams, will have to think about it some more.


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